Eine Auswahl an Gedichten, von Holger Strohm!




How your love has changed

How your love has changed,

once no distance was too far;

problems were easily arranged,

and you crossed every bar.


How your love has changed,

there`s no tender word;

to bad humor you`re chained,

your love has changed to hurt.


How your love has changed,

you don`t see me at all;

the good is gone, the bad caged,

and love we can not recall.


How your love has changed,

so sad `cause I still love you;

you`re not worth the trying, strange,

still I would do all for you.



Eagle Jam - A delicious ounce

Open my tender zipper.

Here, with the rusted corkscrew.

Fly me, mister day tripper

through the hole of your shoe.


The tears I`m crying are real,

but you`re too senseless to feel.

Your soul is steel armour

and mine a ship without harbour.


The white dove got chrushed by a gun,

lost is the branch of holy peace.

My mouth is dry and my feet run

for a peace of green, rotten cheese.


You let me stray through the dark night,

while you extinguish the saving light;

I grope my way through the deep mud,

but my tender zipper - it`s shut!


The flower is broken and it`s dry

and the eagle limps on crutches.

He had to forget how to fly.

Finally they caught him - the butchers.

They mashed him to good eagle jam -

twenty cents for a delicious ounce -

eaten by a lady with a juicy ham

and a pair of breasts with a lovely bounce.



Es war für die Liebe

Es sind so viele Narben auf dieser Seele;

lange Fingernägel brannten große Wunden;

rote Münder ergötzten sich am Gequäle;

der grell schreiende Schmerz ließ sich nicht mehr stunden.


Doch jedes Mal lief sie in das gleiche Messer.

Immer, immer, immer wieder und das Blut floß;

zufrieden rülpste der hübsche Seelenfresser;

Pfeffer und Alkohol er in die Wunde goß.


Die Seele taumelt auf der Achse des Lebens;

halbblind vor Schmerz suchte sie nach dem fernen Licht;

ein falscher, letzter Schritt und alles war vergebens;

es war für die Liebe, vergiss das bitte nicht!




 Devoted lovers don`t care for the depth of grief,

because they are cruising the winds of a high

and they don`t care if luck is only brief,

because the learned the first time to take off, to fly.


It`s the first time and the blood sips into the snow.

I was a virgin once and I didn`t feel the cold.

It felt like before a fireplace, illusion`s blow.

My parents warned me, to be decent I`ve been told.


My Bryan was so tender, afraid, and so shy.

He hardly dared to touch me, I didn`t mind, I loved!

When he took possession of me, I started to cry:

"Oh Bryan, my darling don`t stop!" and he just moved.


It was my birthday, oh Bryan, my first lover,

oh, what did I do to you, you know how it is.

The sweet innocent remembrance I started to cover

and I married the wealth and money, clenching my fist.


Oh Bryan, why did I betray our love, so holy?

I obeyed the advice of my parents, security.

You never overcame the shock. I destroyed you totally,

and in your obituary I remembered you tenderly.



The Machine

Dark shadows folded the light, 

and packed it for the machine;

but darkness can´t be bright

and the machine has never seen.


It thinks so very well and clear.

Top females feed its pleasures;

but the darkness makes it fear,

so it´s offering its treasures.


Make me see, I want the light,

it´s what all famous men said.

The machine enveloped by the night

wants the darkness to fade.


The best minds served the machine,

generously as Gods must have been;

But the machine still can´t see,

the heart of its brain is lonely.


The all-mighty machine has eaten them all,

the animals, the plants, and the money,

the feelings, the justice, the rise, and fall.

We worship it as civilisation,

but it´s a holy deity which can´t see

where to we run, into deprivation!